Stewart Forensic Consultants, LLC
Forensic Document Examiner

Ink dating, handwriting, forensic analysis and questioned documents are our primary specialties.  

Stewart Forensic Consultants, LLC (SFC) is a forensic consulting, laboratory and investigative firm offering over 34 years of experience and training in a wide range of forensic science and private investigation disciplines to include questioned documents, forensic document examination, forensic ink dating, forensic document dating, office machine printer analysis and dating, inkjet or toner analysis and dating, counterfeit documents, crime scene evaluation, ink analysis, ink age determination, paper analysis, authenticity, fraud investigations, product piracy, fingerprints, handwriting, trace evidence, Daubert and cold case (consultant) investigations. In addition, SFC offers worldwide trial preparation, assistance and expert witness testimony.

Larry F. Stewart is the Chief Forensic Scientist and President of SFC.  He is a Certified Forensic Questioned Document Examiner and a Certified Forensic Consultant.

Our goal is to provide efficient examination of evidence in order to help you find the truth.

Whether your case requires an expert in questioned document analysis, forensic document examination, forensic document dating, ink analysis, ink dating, counterfeit documents, crime scene evaluation, ink age determination, paper analysis, printing process determination and age analysis, Daubert preparation, handwriting, cold case analysis, fraud investigation, trace evidence, questioned documents or trial preparation, give SFC a call.

We are a worldwide operation.

Services include: ink dating, ink age, forensic document examination, handwriting analysis, questioned document analysis, forensic ink dating, paper analysis, ink age determination, handwriting examination, cold case reinvestigation, fraud and forgery examinations, printing process determination and dating, arson or explosives investigations, forensic chemistry, piracy, counterfeiting of currency or products, trial preparation, Daubert preparation, forensic case management, expert witness management, and expert witness testimony.